The Alpha Loom


Did you like the Rainbow Loom? Well, now the creator of it has made a different loom: the Alpha Loom!

The Alpha Loom is like the Rainbow Loom: it can make bracelets. However, the Alpha Loom’s bracelets are different. You can make words, or some shapes, on the bracelets.

“I think it’s going to be really cool, looming your name on bracelets,” says Esme Navarro.

Inside the Alpha Loom, there are clear rubber bands to hold the bracelets together. The colored rubber bands that come with the Alpha Loom are different, though. There are 1,200 red, blue, black, white and yellow bands, and they are smaller and less stretchy. The normal Rainbow Loom rubber bands can stretch up to six pins, while the Alpha Loom bands can only stretch up to three pins. There is also a comb, and on one side, there are five hooks, and on the other side, there are five bumps. The hooks flip the bands over the pins at once, and the bumps push all the bands down.

I think the Alpha Loom will be super cool. It’ll be released in mid-May. I’m super excited for it, and I hope you are too!