THEATERS EVERYWHERE– Do you like things that make you laugh? If you do, then you should see the movie, “Home”.

“Home” is about an alien named Oh and his Boovs who invade Earth.  The Boovs want Oh because he put them in danger.  Then he helps a girl named Tip find her mother in Australia.

5th grader Esme Navarro said, “It was sad and happy. I loved the entire movie.”

3rd grader Jewel Dalley said, “It was sad, funny, and a little crazy.  I loved it when Tip and Oh had a party, when Tip’s mother kicked Oh in the face and fell down, and when they found out that Gorg was really just a starfish.”

3rd grader KIea Gjeloshi said, “It was sad and funny. I loved it when Oh and Tip found Tip’s mother.”

“Home” is a really funny movie.  Gorg is the mean guy in the movie. He wants his family back because the Boovs took them away from him.

You should try to see “Home” at the movie theater. It’s probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is a great movie.