Two Gold Medals!

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Two Gold Medals!

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NEW YORK CITY– Do you like to dance and perform in front of people? That could be very overwhelming, right? Well, that is what it’s like for the dance team!

The Hutchinson School dance team had their first competition on Monday, March 16th.The judges gave each team silver or gold.  The dance team for Hutchinson got Gold!!!  

The dance team won another gold medal on March 23rd!

5th grader Haley North said, “The dance team is fun and I like to cheer on my team.  I really like my teacher because she helps support us with our dancing.”

5th grader Sophia Battaglia said, “I like the dance team because I express myself. I really like my teacher.”

3rd grader Giana Pizzutiello said, “I think the dance team members are great dancers. I think they practice really hard, so they deserve being good dancers.”

3rd grader Jackie Pennetta said,”I think the dance team members are good dancers.  I think they are good because they practice a lot and hard.”

My sister and a lot of her friends made the dance team.  The dance team color is indigo.

The next competition is this afternoon, March 26th, 2015.  Maybe you would like to go!