The Bronx Zoo


BRONX, NEW YORK–Guess what? The fifth graders have trips to the Bronx Zoo two times, because the first time was to study and learn about the endangered species, and the second time is for for studying the tropical rain forest.

Class 5G saw rhinos, seals, and they went to see and explore the rain forest and the Madagascar. The Bronx Zoo was a huge zoo. Each class got an instructor. My class, 5G, got an instructor called Kimberly.

Erania Rosario, fifth grader, says, “It was fun, and at the same time, the weather in the morning was nasty.”

Amber Bly, fifth grader, says, “It was really fun and interesting.”

The employees who worked at the Bronx Zoo gave the teachers and the chaperons a map.  Without the map, we would have been lost in a huge zoo!

Finally, last but least, the trip was amazing, fun, and interesting.