“The Hunger Games”


Have you ever herd of “The Hunger Games?”  It’s a prediction of the future.It’s all about this girl named Catness Everdeen and her crazy life.

It all started in war.  North America was destroyed, so they made a country called Penem.  In memory of the uprising of the capitol, a man and a woman from each district between the age of 12 and 18 will fight until one person is left alive. Catness’ sister, Primrose, got picked.  Then Catness volunteered. This part made me cry.

Ava Paolucci said,”I think it’s good and very realistic.”

After that, a boy named Peta got picked and they were sent to training.  They met Effie Trinket, her district’s caller, and Haymich, her mentor.  For the district parade, her stylist, Cena, made her an amazing dress that lights into fake fire.  She stayed in a fancy hotel for a while, and then was sent into the games.  I’ll leave the rest for you to find out!