Calling All Mythology Fans!


Calling all Greek, Roman, and Egyptian fans!

If you like Greek, Roman, or Egyptian mythology, you should read Rick Riordan’s books. If you like Greek and Roman Mythology, you should read the “Heroes of Olympus”, but if you just like Greek mythology, read “Percy Jackson.” If you like neither, but like Egyptian mythology, check out the “Kane Chronicles.”

What’s  your opinion?

“They rock! At the most suspensful moments, he makes them funny!” Katie O’Connor says.

The books may be really long, but Rick Riordan makes sure that all the pages are interesting. There might be some love in “The Heroes of Olympus,” but other than that, the books are funny, adventurous, funny, suspenseful, and dangerous. Oh- did I mention funny? However, I recommend this series for older kids, because there is romance.

So if you’re into mythology, you should really check out Rick Riordan’s books!