Ms. Williams


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Did you ever have Ms. Williams in second grade? We had her last year!

This is Ms. Williams’ 3rd year teaching at Hutchinson School.  If you’re in Ms.Williams’ class this year, you are very lucky!

3rd grader Katia Mitrione likes that, “Ms.Williams gave out candy each time the Rangers won.”

Ms. Williams said, “I love teaching second grade!”

Her favorite color is yellow.  The biggest class she had was last year, which had twenty-three students in it.  Her favorite season to decorate for is winter.  Her favorite book is Strega Nonna, and her favorite Disney character is Nemo.

3rd grader Francesca Ripoll said, “I like Ms.Williams because she doesn’t yell a lot.”

Ms. Williams is the best teacher in second grade!  She makes learning fun.  If you ever have Ms.Williams in second grade, you will really like her.