5th Grade Ballroom Dancing Begins!

5th Grade Ballroom Dancing Begins!

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–Did you know that the fifth graders are doing ballroom dancing?  Do you know to to dance?  Ms. Meghan is our ballroom dancing teacher.  She is funny, kind, and fun.

The fifth graders started ballroom dancing on Tuesday, the 16th of December in 2014. The fifth graders were nervous.

Anna Ramirez, a fifth grader, says, “When I started ballroom dancing, I wasn’t nervous because I knew some steps and felt comfortable.”

Caroline Garufi says, “At first it really was awkward, but now I am used to it.”

Katie O’ Connor says, “At first it was weird, but then when I got over dancing with a boy, it was fun!”

Guess what? I’m the DJ!

All the fifth graders are having fun at dance!