Mrs. Gentile’s First Year in Fifth Grade

Mrs. Gentiles First Year in Fifth Grade

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–This year is the first year in 5th grade for Mrs. Gentile!

She loves teaching every grade.  “I was nervous before I started 5th grade, but it has been exciting,” she said.  She likes to do Student of the Week and Super Writer Friday.

Mrs. Gentile loves teaching 5th grade!  She says, “This 5th grade class is special to me because I had some of these students before as 3rd graders.  It is great to see progress from 3rd to 5th grade!”

Mrs. Gentile’s favorite subject is math.  She loves the holidays.  Her teacher inspired her to be a teacher.

Mrs. Gentile has two daughters and one son.  Denise is Mrs. Gentile’s older sister.

Mrs. Gentile loves cheerleading.  She plays tennis and Mr. Gentile wins.  She likes pasta, pizza, and rainbow cookies for dessert.

Mrs. Gentile is a great 5th grade teacher!