What’s Your Favorite Family Tradition?

What's Your Favorite Family Tradition?

Everyone’s favorite family traditions seem to happen on Thanksgiving!

“My favorite family tradition is Thanksgiving because all of my family comes to my home,” reports 5th grader Angelic Menzel.  “We all try different foods together.”

5th grader Alec Paganuzzi shares, “My favorite family tradition is that every other year on Thanksgiving, my whole family comes to my house. It is so much fun because we play a lot of games like Twister.”

“My favorite family tradition is on Thanksgiving when I get to help my mom cook the turkey,” 5th grader Jose Salvador commented.  “My cousins come to play when the food is ready. We watch the parade on TV, watch movies, jump on the bed, and have ice cream with sprinkles and hot chocolate for dessert!”