Bar Models

Bar Models

By Omar Bakry, Staff Reporter

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–Bar Models are like a helper. They help you to do your math. Bar models can be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  They look like rectangles and help remind you of the math.

Bar models are tricky because they will look  different. There will be word problems. The word problems tell if it is addition or subtracion. They will use many operations, so it is tricky.

5th grader Hiba Bakry says, “Bar models are fun and they help solve word problems.”

3rd-5th grade teacher Ms. Buzin says, “Bar models are very challenging, but they can be helpful.”

Bar models are helpful in class because they will help you to get the answer right. Bar models will do you a good favor in math.

Bar models help us at home and school. If you have  a difficult time doing math, you could use bar models to help you. Bar models can be fun!