Culture Study in 3rd grade!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– In 3rd grade we’re learning about culture!  You’re probably saying, “What is culture?”

Well, 3rd grader Jackie Pennetta said, “Culture is what you wear and what you look like.”

Chloe Castro said, “Culture is your family’s beliefs.”

I think culture is the food you eat and your language.  In 3rd grade we’re doing a project on it.  We have to use our culture.  It is a lot of fun.  I wonder what other people’s cultures are and what their favorite thing about culture is.

There are a lot of cultures to do the project on.  There is Italy, America, Mexico, China, and other cultures, too.

3rd grade teacher Mrs. Ragosta said, “I am from Italy and my favorite thing about culture is when I was in school, I learned it.  I became a teacher, and when my students did the project, I learned about their different cultures.  I love everything about culture!”

Lastly, it was a lot of fun doing the project because I got to learn about everybody’s culture.  Well, that’s it, so thanks for reading this.  Please read my next article…bye!