Kisses for Cans


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL — At Hutchinson Elementary School, a fifth grade class does a drive once a year called Kisses for Cans. Kisses for Cans asks for donations for the animal shelter, and in return you get chocolate Kisses.

Ms. Soccodato stated, “We did it to support the local animal shelter. They need supplies for animals that are up for adoption.”

Kisses for Cans gives all donations to the animal shelter. You can donate stuff like peanut butter, money, toys, food, cleaning supplies, and more.

Students in 5S wrote about different animals and their needs. Some students wrote for dogs and someone responded with 2 boxes of dog beds. Some students also wrote about guinea pigs, and another person responded with guinea pig bedding. Also, they raised $700 for the animal shelter.

So, donate supplies to Kisses for Cans for animals.