Dances From All Around The World


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL GYM –Do you like to dance, or even do dance classes? On April 20th, people from all around the world came to Hutchinson Elementary School’s Gym to show us the Tango, Salsa, Ballet, and Hip-Hop.

Not only did the dancers show us how to do the dances, but they also taught where the dances came from and their history. For example, the Hip-Hop dancer taught us that Hip-Hop is from the Bronx.

Out of all the dances, the most popular was Hip-Hop.

“I liked all of them, but I liked the Hip-Hop the most because he did a backflip and it was cool,” commented ZS.

The dancers who showed us the Salsa and the Tango taught us that one kind that  is sometimes called “Witchcraft.”

“I tried to do a backflip like the Hip-Hop guy and nearly broke my bones!” said AM.

“My favorite is the Hip-Hop,” replied TC. The second most popular is ballet.

“Ballet is my favorite. I used to do it,” said LGM.

People from Hutchinson have likes and dislikes about these unique dances from around the world.

What’s your favorite kind of dance?