5th Grade Ballroom Dancing!


HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL–The 5th graders are doing 20 lessons on Ballroom Dancing!

At first, kids were uncomfortable with holding other people’s hands, and they weren’t excited. The people with experience seemed to like it more. After a while, people were having so much fun!

“I like Ballroom Dancing because I did it in 3rd grade and I didn’t really get it, but now I do, and like it,” S.R. voiced.

“I’m not crazy about Ballroom Dancing, but I don’t hate it,” BP responded.

“I like Ballroom Dancing, but I’m not crazy about it,” MB stated.

The dances we are currently learning are the cha-cha and the jive. We learned all the steps in the cha-cha, so now we’re just practicing it. We’ve only learned the basic of the step of the jive, and we have a lot left to learn!

Have lots of fun, 5th graders! Learn a lot, too!