Art Club 2020: January-March


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– This session, Art Club will be going on for 10 weeks instead of the usual 8 weeks!

In this session of Art Club, we are painting a mural near the front door where the old mural used to be. Mrs. Taveras teaches Art Club.

In one section of the wall, there are flowers. In another, there are boulders. In another, there’s a crane holding a bear that’s holding a balloon. In another section, there’s a bear at the top of a ladder that’s holding a paintbrush. He’s painting. In yet another section, there are bees and butterflies. People are working very hard in this session.

“Art Club is really fun because Mrs. Taveras lets us make the mural. I like painting. My favorite part is making the sky,” S.R. described.

“I like Art Club because we get to paint and do art. I like painting the mural. I think Art Club is fun,” M.B. voiced.

Only 10 people can be in Art Club at a time. Sometimes, there is an extra person, like in this session. In this session, there are only girls!

Have fun, Art Club!