What’s Your Fountain?

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Mrs. Gentile’s 5th grade class is reading the book, Regarding the Fountain, by Kate Klise!

In class we wrote a letter to the fountain maker in the book, saying what kind of fountain we want for Hutchinson School. It doesn’t matter if it is different flavors, or even our school logo; all it has to be is unique and creative!

4th grader Courtney Valente says, “My fountain would be a fountain with several buttons, and each button would be a different flavored milkshake (but there would be one button with water in it).”

4th grader Julia Scotto’s says, “My fountain would be a fountain where when you pull the tail, rainbow water would come flying out!”

All of these fountains would make our school very int interesting. Maybe all our dream fountains would make this school the highlight of Pelham…. Or maybe even Westchester county!

So here’s a question to think about:

What’s your fountain?