Lip Sync Battle

BRONX, NY, MIDDLE SCHOOL GYM—Lights…Camera…Action!

Lip sync battle was a contest with 3 teams: The Warriors, the Wildcats, and the Alphas.  Each team had to make a playlist of songs they wanted to lip sync to, and then they would act those songs out. They all had to compete with each other to win. If they won, they would get a medal and the money donated would go to the foundation of their choosing.

Each team would range from 7-15 people.  It would consist of middle schoolers all the way to high schoolers. Some people who have done lip sync in the past are now even in college. Each performance took 10 minutes.

BP says, “Lip sync was fun, and I can’t believe the team I liked won!”

MCR stated, “I was so happy when I got to hang out with all my friends and I got to see great lip syncing.”

How they did this was the kids would create a playlist of all the songs they wanted to lip sync to, and they would make up little skits about the music they were lip syncing to. The smartest idea was when everyone was singing with a dinosaur. But then a meteor came down, and the lights turned off. They spotlight shows, and there was a girl in a cockroach costume who came out and sang, “I’m still standing.”

In the end when the singing was over, the judges had made their final decision. The judge went up and said, “The winner of the tenth annual Lip Sync Battle is…….The Wariors!” In the end, the Warriors won! All the kids went home with a trophy to declare that they won!