Pottery Night

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– On Friday December 6th, it was Pottery Night in the Hutchinson School gym!

At Pottery Night, people got to paint a structure made of clay. Some of the things painted were a snowman, a dreidel, and Santa. People could paint a big or small snowman.

“I like pottery because it’s fun and it’s satisfying to get paint on my hands,” M.B. comments.

L.R. replies, “I think pottery is fun and creative!”

For dinner, you could have pizza and water. On the side of the gym, there was a bake sale with LOTS of good things to eat! There were cookies, brownies, and cake pops! All the money went to the 5th grade! Whoever paid money, we thank you!

“It’s a creative way to express your emotions and something you can keep forever!” M.O. voiced.