Julianne’s Playground!


PELHAM, NY–  Have you heard the screaming and shouting going on at Julianne’s Playground? That’s because all Hutchinson School students are there for recess every day!

Why are all the children there? The reason why all the students are there is because the new school is being built, and of course they needed to knock the playground down.

Witness VW said, “I love the  playground because of the big amount of space.”

While VW likes it, witness NN does not because of the lack of good equipment.

Sadly, even though the majority of  the kids don’t like it, the new school will not be completed for another two years!

The school principal has been hearing complaints  about kids going on people lawns and being so loud that they wake up sleeping babies!

Let’s just hope we don’t cause too much trouble that we cant play there!