The smile series has 3 books, or 4 if you want to include the activity book. The series consists of Smile,  Sister, (share your smile activity book), and the new book, Guts.

The author, Raina Telgemeier, started off the series with the book, Smile. These books main character is Raina herself, as a kid! She writes graphic novels to show her stories. Graphic novels are novels, but in comic strip format.

LC says, “I really like the way Raina writes and draws the comic!”

MW stated, “It was a good book about school drama.”

LR said, “I thought the ‘Smile’ series is a good series…I really recommend it!”

The series is a graphic novel series, and if you love to draw, the Share Your Smile book is highly recommended. It is and activity book that shows you how to draw comics or graphic novels.

NN stated,  I thought it was very interesting, and her life is very exciting!”