“Frozen 2”


Everyone knows the amazing “Frozen”, which stole little kids’ hearts. But now “Frozen 2” is out, and it’s better than ever!

Elsa might be a little impatient,  but Anna is spot-on amazing. In “Frozen 2” Elsa wakes up the enchanted forest. Elsa was a little mean at times, but Anna always finds a way to forgive her.  Some surprises will hide in the enchanted forest.

SR thinks, “It was weird.”

MO shares, “My favorite song is ‘Into the unknown.'”

MP adds, “I thought it was good, interesting and funny.”

In “Frozen 2” Elsa is played by Idina Menzel, Anna is played by Kristen Bell, Olaf is played by Josh Gad, and Kristoff is played by Jonathan Goff.

“Frozen 2” was amazing! Every part was amazing, so you should see “Frozen 2”!