New Teacher at Hutchinson: Ms. Imperioli

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Ms. Imperioli is new to Hutch. She teaches kindergarten. If you see  Mrs. Imperioli,  please greet her,  She is very nice, so let her be proud  to be here.

” I really am happy to be here, and  I love Hutchinson!” Ms. Imperioli commented.  “Everyone is very friendly and very welcoming.”

Ms. Imperioli used to teach second grade at Siwanoy school.

”I am really enjoying it here,” she added.  “Kindergarten is lots of fun, and I love my class.  Moving over from Siwanoy was an easy transition because both teachers and students welcomed me with open arms and hearts.”

This is what Ms. Imperioli  says about Hutch. Do you agree?