Animal Jam by National Geographic

Animal Jam by National Geographic

Many parents wonder:  How do I make sure that my  child learns and has fun at the same time? No worries, parents!   Animal Jam by National Geographic is here to save the day!

Animal Jam by National Geographic is a child-friendly game. It has a limited chat (that can be changed by the parent dashboard), and games that make you learn cool science facts. You can trade, accessorize yourself, customize your den, and hang out in parties.

Feng Liu, my mom, says, “Animal Jam is absolutely fun for kids!”

Binta Lewin says, “I love Animal Jam! It’s amazing…perfect for kids any age!”

Tell your friends about Animal Jam. It’s completely free! Not excited enough? Well, check out adventures. You defeat phantoms, earn gems, prizes, and save Jamaa. Choose land or sea animals for different adventures.

So, parents or kids, go to To unlock cooler items, get membership for six dollars a month, but still, even for a non-member it’s fun. So what are you waiting for? Go to today!