HUTCHINSON SCHOOL GYM– Do you like dancing, raffles, and more?  If so, come to the dance-a-thon on May 29th.

There are many awards in this event, such as the most chipper cha-cha, the most alive jive, and the baddest break-down.  There is also an award for the person who raises the most money.  This money pays for the dance lessons for the 5th graders.

SP explained, “My favorite part of the Dance-a-thon was being able to dance whatever you want or freestyle.  Also, I like being able to raise money for ballroom dancing.”

RJ added, “My favorite dance is the jive.”

At the Dance-a-thon there are many raffles where you can win many different things including BBQ’s, memberships, and more! There are also snacks to keep up your energy for dancing. Ms. Soccadato and Mr. Delyan are also doing an advanced version of the cha-cha.

“It was very fun and a good experience for all of us,” TS expressed.