The National Monument Carlsbad Caverns

NEW MEXICO–There is a National Monument called Carlsbad Caverns.

The monument was “found” by a 16 year-old boy when he was exploring.  His name is Jim White.  But Native Americans were living there, so he didn’t necessarily find it.  A rock fell from the  cavern roof and made an extremely loud bang.  That happened a long time ago.  It is called Iceberg rock.

AB shared, “My favorite part was just how unexpectedly big it was.”

“I like the iceberg rock because it is really cool and big,” OB commented.

LB expressed, “My favorite part is the big room on the bottom that opens up to really cool rock formations.”

Halfway down is as deep as the Empire State Building. So, it is as big as two Empire State Buildings.  If you were speaking in a normal voice, people could hear you from miles away.  There are different types of rocks: Popcorn, calcite, stalagmite, stalactite, column, and soda straws. There are cave pools and historic stairs and ladders.