2019 Spelling Bee

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–This year the spelling bee was surprisingly fun to be in and watch.

Competing this year in the spelling bee were  E.D, R.M, F.M, Z.M, C.T, E.T, M.O, T.J, and Z.O. They were all great competitors, but only one could win.  Third place was F.M, second place was R.M, and finally first place was E.D, with the word ‘monopoly’!

L.C. answered, “I like spelling because it helps your brain figure out how to spell words.”

J.S. commented, “I like spelling because when you write stories, you spell words on paper.”

Now starting this year, Hutchinson School is competing in the District Bee. This is when all four elementary schools compete in one Spelling Bee with their top three spellers.