Express Yourself

Have you ever said, “I’m terrible at art,” or “I hate art”?   Well, keep reading if you want to be good at art.

What if you don’t have materials? Nonsense!  Tinfoil or copy paper, even. Use pens or pencils! Even the simplist materials can make the most amazing or beautiful pieces of artwork.

“Do you think art is hard?” I asked Esme Navarro.

“No,” she replied

“Is it expensive?” I question.

“No, you can find materials around your house,” Binta Lewin reports.

Remember, art is a way to express yourself. Music is art. Dancing is art. Weaving is art. Rainbow Looming is art. If you’re not stable with the hand, just look for ways to express yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pecil, or hook. Get dancing shoes. With a little practice, you’ll find your hobby that will accompany you during your life time.