Kindness Week


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Student Government is hosting Kindness Week. From Monday to Friday, there’s a different event each day.

On Monday, it was Spirit Day. You wore Pelham/Hutchinson gear to show off your spirit. On Tuesday, it was Mystery Kindness Day. You did something kind and wore blue in honor of Autism. On Wednesday, it was Sports Day. You wore a sports jersey and played with someone new at recess. On Thursday, it was Earth Day. You wore green and did something kind for the earth. On Friday, you wore a shirt, pants, dress, and/or skirt with your favorite character.

”I like Kindness Week because there are so many things you can do like dress up, dye your hair, etc.,” M.S.B explained.

”I love donating to people in need, or if they don’t have anything at all. I want to help them. People deserve to have birthday parties,” MO replied.

Kindness Week has many fun events that people like. Have fun during Kindness Week!