Pasta Night


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– On Friday, March 29th, people went to the Hutchinson School gym and got pasta where people usually buy lunch.

This is what usually happens at Pasta Night: Friends sometimes run around together, people talk and laugh, and people get food and eat it. Usually, a magician comes to do magic tricks for the kids. There is also arts-and-crafts.

“I think it’s fun because there’s pasta and BINGO,” JS replies.

”I like to go there because pasta and friends are there. Those are two very good things,” RJ explains.

“I think it’s good. My favorite part is the raffle,” PT claims.

Some people have been to Pasta Night before and some are going for their first time. Some people haven’t been and can’t come this time for whatever reason. If you are going this time, have lots of fun! If you can’t come this time, come next year! Lots of people think it’s fun and that the pasta is good!