Maui, Hawaii

HAWAII–Maui is one of the islands in Hawaii!  The movie Moana takes place there, and it is a sunny, warm place.

If you’re on the beach, you might catch a glimpse of a whale or turtle. You have a better chance of seeing a whale if you’re on a boat. You should also stop the boat to snorkel or deep sea dive. You have a better chance of seeing a turtle, fish, and coral. The water is very clear.

“If I went to Hawaii, I would go to the beach. I would also get some of the food there because I heard it’s really good,” explains MSB.

“If I went to Hawaii, I’d go to the beach, take a boat, learn to surf, and take a hike. It would be really fun,” MB replied.

“If I went to Hawaii, I would go to the beach, build a sand castle, and play in the water,” PT voiced.

If you go to Hawaii, you should go to a Luau. A Luau is something where you get to try foods from different cultures and see some dances from some cultures. It is really fun and cool to watch! You should also go on a boat, snorkel, deep sea dive, swim, build sandcastles, and enjoy the sunsets, foods, and flowers.

If you haven’t been to one of the islands of Hawaii, you should go! If you ever go, enjoy your time!