Fourth Grade and Fifth Graders’ Last Concert


HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL–On June 10th, 2014, there was a concert for third, fourth and fifth graders that was produced by Mr.Vamos, Ms. Bean, and Mr. Martineau. They did an amazing job of picking the songs!

First of all, I think that the song, “New Soul” was amazing, and I love how he picked the timing perfectly because now that the fifth graders are going to the middle school, this song goes perfectly with it. I also loved that song, “Apple Blossom Time.” I thought that the song was perfectly timed because Spring is almost over and Summer is almost here.

Ella Burns said, “My favorite song was ‘New Soul.’ It was my favorite song because I have listened to it since I was four years old.”  Ms.Buzin also said, “My favorite song is ‘New Soul.’ I love the rhythm and words.”

It was a wonderful performance! All of the fifth graders and fourth graders sang wonderfully and gave a performance of a life time. Thanks for giving us this wonderful performance Mr.Vamos. The songs were amazing and the rhythm, the lyrics, and the tune was wonderful. Folks, this was a wonderful opportunity to come and see an outstanding performance.